Two mottos I live by: 
“Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind”
 "Love, Light and Laughter"

I grew with Disney, Cinderella and the Haunted Mansion are my Favs! 
I have a starbucks coffee addiction. I get life inspiration from Madea and Oprah
My podcast playlist is loaded with true crime series. (If you have a good one send me a message please.)

My style of photography is in the documentary genre, with a magical flair. 

 I am always looking out for those big beautiful candid moments. Especially for a wedding, with so many special people celebrating, there will be tears and there will be laughter, those are the moments that will bring your heart so much happiness when you look back on your wedding day.

Adding magical elements to images is really a passion of mine. I love creative editing, adding more sparkly lights or a vibrant sunset to add that magical element and make a memory into a beautiful piece of art.


A little bit about the artist

Lets be real, unfortunate things happen, items get misplaced or destroyed and precious memories can be lost. Enchanted Memories knows this and keeps two backups of your pictures in case you ever need access to them.

Duel Archive Backup
System 7 Years


Everyone will be excited to see your wedding pictures and it can be overwhelming trying to get pictures each person wants. I can create private and public galleries for you, of your wedding so your guests can easily log in and download the pictures they love at no additional cost. 

online galleries for easy sharing


There are a lot of moving parts for a wedding. It is important to make sure enough time is allowed for you to experience all the moments you want and capture them. I will work with you to create a timeline for the day as well as keep everyone on track of the timeline the day of. 

Timeline Creation


Communication is a big deal to me. I text or call back and I really love to meet you in person. Anything that needs attention we can handle it together. 

Free consultations


I opened Enchanted Memories Photography to create a photography experience that isn't like the rest. Enchanted Memories focuses on making you feel special, showing you that your life is worthy of being documented and treasured. Showing that you are so unique and that is what makes the world so special.

I bring to the table over 20 years in the wedding industry. Those experiences have given me a wealth of knowledge that allows me to assist my couples with wedding day plans, adapt quickly to wedding day changes and/or offer advice on other wedding details. .

Why Enchanted Memories Photography?

Client Benefits


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